USD 6.99

EUR 5,85

  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam

  • ESRB: E for everyone

Game Description

Choose the right pieces, place them into the tower and solve the puzzle! This is Trenga, a relaxing 3D puzzle game with a unique yet familiar mechanic. Help Kate Nemo and the cute sea creatures, challenging your friends and family or even your own brain, to complete tricky missions in the 3 beautiful worlds of this captivating underwater adventure.


In Trenga, we are told the story of Kate Nemo, a talented and fearless marine biologist. She is the grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grandaughter of Captain Nemo and wants to find what really happened to his great-great-great-great-great-greatfather. To do so, she decides to explore the ocean in search of the Nautilus, the mythic submarine of the 20.000 Leagues Under Sea tale.

To begin her journey, she builts a submarine using techniques she learned with her grandfather studies: her submarine is a sustainable prototype able to travel in the deepest waters using a fuel system inspired in the breathing system of the starfishes.

When her first adventure begins, she is met by a colossal storm, sent to somewhere forgotten in the deepest reaches of the ocean. There she catches a glimpse of Nautlus running off even farther away and tries to follow it, but her submarine was damaged in the storm. Unable to keep going, she receives an unexpected visitor: a starfish that helps her to fix her submarine, as long as Kate helped her rescuing all the imprisoned starfishes. Afterwards, now ready for her journey and with a clear goal in mind, she follows the tracks left by the Nautilus, helping every sea creature she mets along the way. Those creatures become her friends and help her to conclude her mission.


Trenga Unlimited - Official Trailer


Unlock characters with unique abilities along the way

Story mode, Survival Mode and Versus Local with 50 levels

3 different worlds with several challenges


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Executive Producer

Paulo Luis Santos


Stiven Valerio

Concept by

Carina Missae

Game Producer

Caroline Morato

Bianca Antunes

Game Design

Pedro Sarraf

Vinicius Pimentel

Nicholas Souza

Paulo Luis Santos

Fernando Pepe


Stiven Valerio

Carina Missae

Technical Artist

Pedro Sarraf

Thiago Vilarinho

Ramon Camata Santos


Emerson Reis

Daniel Trevisan

Ricardo Bugan

Felippe Lopes

Bruno Meneghetti


Fernando Pepe

Quality Assurance

Fabio Costa

Flux Games Inc

Head Of Studio

Paulo Luis Barbosa dos Santos

Head of Operations

Stiven Valerio

Head of Corporate Development

Yayá Torre

BackOffice Administrator

Jessica Oliveira

Financial Coordinator

Nickolas Chuffi

Marketing Specialist

Maria Warth

Community Manager

Giovanna Menechini